Why College of Commerce?

The aspirants of Professional Courses such as CA, CS, CMA, ACCA, and US-CMA are majorly the ones enrolled in a regular Arts & Science College. Because of their various commitments to the university's academic requirements, most are unable to put in the best of their efforts to accomplish their professional dreams. On the other hand, those students who take up these professional courses in a Full-time mode right after their High School tend to lose their college life since they go to ‘training centers’ that only pushes them to score better in their professional exams.

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To Strengthen and Elevate the level of Commerce Education in the country, thereby becoming the ideal destination for all Aspirants willing to pursue their careers in the fields of Accounting, Finance, and Commerce.


Devoting to the betterment of Commerce Education in the country by providing the requisite for Uninterrupted Knowledge and Learning.

Coimbatore College of Commerce Private Limited is the initiative by leading Academic Experts together with Professionals in the field of Finance and Accounting to provide a holistic way of training CA, CS, CMA, ACCA, US-CMA aspirants. This holistic is approached in the following ways:

1. Advanced Educational Methodology

CoC’s Advanced Educational Methodology particularly helps its trainers and students in the fulfillment of time-bound and Result Oriented Approach to its academics. This specialized methodology consists of the Lectures by Qualified Professionals in the field, Chapter Proficiency Tests, Weekly Tests, Intensive Practice Sessions closely monitored by Junior Trainers, Mock Exams, Focused Study Groups, Extreme and Individual Study Groups. With interest and determination from students, clearing exams such as CA, CS, CMA, ACCA, US-CMA with CoC is far closer than imagined.

2. Result Oriented Approach

The Founders of Coimbatore College of Commerce’s own strong exposure in both school and higher education, this has helped in framing its own Result Oriented Approach to its training strategy. The result that CoC looks into is not just in its academic achievements, but importantly in its young student’s personal growth such as Responsibility, Discipline, Searching Knowledge, Perseverance, Strength to deal with Failures, Empathy and Building Relationships.

3. College Life

The present high school students are the future of our country in the next 10 years. Molding them into disciplined and responsible citizens is the unassigned duty of every school and college. As a Professional Training Centre, College of Commerce takes up this responsibility proudly and puts its best of effort into its members to reflect the idea. The students of CoC do experience activities and events such as regular sports, cultural events, yoga, leadership experience, and other day-to-day activities to cultivate and improve their critical and creative thinking. Field visits to auditing firms give them a complete understanding of their classroom theories before becoming a professional in their respective fields.

4. Qualified Trainers

We at CoC think that access to quality education is a fundamental right to the citizens of India. The management puts in multiple challenges to an individual to analyze his/her strengths and weakness before appointing them as a CoC Trainer. Similarly, all our core subjects are handled by Qualified Professionals in their respective CA, CS, CMA, ACCA, or US-CMA. The lectures are closely monitored by the management, critiqued to improve the student experience wherever possible, this assures our uncompromising quality and commitment.

5. Mentor Support

CoC tries its best to address the various requirements of its student community, both at a group and individual level. Our Mentors (also known as Junior Trainers) are residential staff with sufficient subject knowledge, who monitor and help our students in all their academic and personal requirements. Each group of 5-10 students is also meticulously monitored by either one of the staff of CoC to better understand the student’s behavior and to help them reach their academic and required personal goals.

6. Intensive Practice Support

We at CoC understand the requirements and challenges in the process of becoming a fully qualified professional. Our carefully designed practice support makes sure that the student is given every opportunity to help him strengthen his understanding of the syllabus. Our Intensive Practice Support includes regular quizzes and tests in their classrooms, detailed feedback is given to the students after every session. Also, our Free Online Support gives our students access to thousands of practice questions through a specially designed teaching algorithm that personalizes their learning experience.

7. Value Addition

Apart from offering training for Professional Courses, College of Commerce offers various short term Certificate courses from National Stock Exchange (NSE) with a wide range of NCFM Courses, certifications from Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF), Indian Institute of Financial Planning (IIFP), Insurance Institute of India (iii), and National Institute of Securities Market (NISM). Therefore, establishing an Educational Hub for the fields of Commerce, Accounting, & Finance in India.

8. Association with Practicing Professionals

College of Commerce has an active network of qualified CA, CS, CMA, ACCA, and US-CMA professionals who are currently working in their respective fields. Our students are regularly visited by these experts as part of their curriculum. This introduces an all-new perspective to our students upon their classroom knowledge.

9. Safe & Secure Residential Facility

Our Full-time campus at Sri Guru Education Centre in Saravanampatti, Coimbatore offers state of the art infrastructure, healthy food, and a secured hostel facility for Boys and Girls separately. With 24*7 security and caretakers (male & female), students and parents need not worry about any safety-related issues. Our standby vehicle is always ready to escort any residential member to our associated hospital minutes away from the campus. Our strict guidelines check that students are not exposed to any possible felonious activity during their stay in our Residential Campus.

10. Support to Students from Non-Commerce Background

College of Commerce in Coimbatore is the only organization in the region to encourage students from non-commerce backgrounds such as Engineering, Medical, and Management to pursue careers in finance and accounting as we fully understand the potential of such an interdisciplinary candidate.