ACCA VS CA – Which is Better For Your Career?

ACCA VS CA – Which is Better For Your Career?

February 24, 2021

The current job market trends are changing at a rapid rate today. An undergraduate BBA degree is not sufficient today to acquire a respectable position in a renowned MNC. Students need to pursue professional courses beyond graduation to get employed. ACCA and CA courses are the most sought-after professional accountancy qualification that necessitates deliberations to pick one of them.

Introduction to ACCA

ACCA, abbreviated as Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (AA-ACCA), has global recognition in more than 186 countries. The AA is an international accounting qualification, which is recognized by many top MNCs in India and overseas.

Introduction to ACCA

Introduction to CA

Chartered Accountancy (CA) courses are favored by students who want to pursue a career in accounting and finance. The average passing rate of CA is still in the single digits in India. The complex and inflexible syllabus makes it strenuous for working professionals.

Introduction to CA

Which is better AA, or CA?

Several common queries from BBA students regarding the choice can be which is better, what is the difference, which one has a brighter future in India? A comparative analysis helps BBA undergraduates to find the appropriate answers to these questions.


The AA is an internationally recognized accounting qualification, where the candidates can apply for overseas job opportunities in more than 180 countries. CA core syllabus finds recognition primarily in India as its core syllabus focuses on Indian tax systems. Hence choose a course depending on the location you want to work.


It is possible to complete AA in 3 years along with articleship if one can balance preparations for both exams and an article ship. The CA needs a minimum of 4-5 years for course completion.

Course Fees

AA is a course offered in the UK, and so the course expenses might be around INR 2-3 lakhs. CA courses require less than INR 1 lakh only. Hence pick an option that fits your budget.

Articleship Flexibility

AA permits students to attempt a single paper every time, and the CA requires you to write a minimum of one group at a time. The AA course allows you to seek article ship while you write your exams, which is not possible in CA.

Starting Salary

Indian companies prefer CA over AA as the course curriculum’s primary focus is on the Indian tax and financial system. Hence in India, CA professionals earn nearly INR of 8 LPA that is more than AA whose salary is around INR 5-6 LPA.

Difficulty Level

Opinions differ concerning the level of difficulty between the two. Based on data collected from a few surveys, CA is difficult to pass than the AA course. Please go through the course curriculum before jumping into final decisions.


The above analysis provides BBA students with some insights into the pros and cons of both courses. Choosing either of them depends purely on your time availability, interests, goals, and passion. Do you have plans to become an Accountant? Then enroll at College of Commerce, which has top-class training facilities. The qualification from Hicas has both national and international recognitions, which provides students with global job opportunities in more than 180+ countries.


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